An Enterprise founded By Mr. Sunil Shah, a Veteran in the floor covering Industry.

Our Experience Speaks for itself

Flooring Options

Once you have determined the look you want, there is a good chance you'll find it with us , Solidwood, Engineered Wood, Laminates, Exterwood, infinite possibilities exist. Your final decision will depend upon : your personal preference; where the floor is being installed, your budget and your lifestyle.
How long do you expect your floor to last!
Different types of floors have different "life expectancies based on your Lifestyle - Lower quality floors may start to show wear and tear after only a few years, while higher quality products may look terrific for a lifetime.
What may seem like an expensive flooring option might be a good value when you divide the cost of the floor by the number of years you can expect it to last.

Blinds and Interiors

Our knowledgeable, fully trained staff has been selling window coverings for an average of 20 years each (they're experts!)
As an interior decorator, we provide a whole gamut of services for a wide range of establishments whether a hotel, office or a home. Our Interior Decoration services are well renowned for their feasibility, flexibility and cost-effectiveness. To ensure that the final product is as per the client requirement and within the specified time frame, a due diligence study is conducted before implementing the design.

Special Products

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